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Datafox Access Control

Devices for electronic access control

Full control: Datafox access control devices securely protect rooms and buildings from unauthorized access.

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Computer platform
Operating range
Data transmission
Power supply
Attachment of the device
Device mechanism
Fire door?
Computer platform
Operating range
Data transmission
Power supply
Attachment of the device
Device mechanism
Fire door?
Datafox EVO 4.6 FlexKey
Datafox EVO 4.3 Multifunktionsterminal
Datafox EVO 3.5 Universal
Datafox EVO 3.5 Universal IP66, IP69K
Datafox EVO 3.5 Pure
Datafox EVO 5.0 Pure
Datafox EVO Intera II Pure
Datafox EVO Intera II
Datafox EVO Intera II Siedle Vario 611
Datafox EVO Agera
Datafox phg Zutrittsleser
Datafox KYO Oneloc
Datafox KYO Fourloc
Datafox KYO Inloc
Datafox KYO Cenloc
Datafox IPC EVO 7.0 Webterminal
Datafox IPC EVO 12.1
Datafox IPC EVO 15
Datafox IPC EVO 18.5
Datafox IPC EVO 24
Datafox IPC EVO Pure 12.1
Datafox IPC EVO Pure 15
Datafox IPC EVO Pure 18.5
Datafox IPC Vario 5.7
Datafox IPC Vario 10
Datafox IPC Vario 12
Datafox IPC Vario 15
Datafox IPC Vario 17
Datafox AE-MasterIV
Datafox PZE-MasterIV
Datafox PZE-MasterIV Basic
Datafox Türbeschlag CX2174
Datafox Türdrücker CX2172
Datafox Türzylinder CX2122
Datafox Türzylinder CX2182
Datafox Möbelschloss CX2190
Datafox Konfigurator

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What are the advantages of access control devices and solutions from Datafox?

Datafox ZK: Everything securely in view!

With our hardware for access control, you no longer have security-endangering and costly key management . With Datafox access control devices, you securely protect rooms and buildings from unauthorized access and can see in real time who is currently in the protected area.

Most of Datafox's access control devices are multifunctional: in addition to classic access control, they also simultaneously offer the options of personnel time recording, machine data collection and store floor data collection. 

Datafox terminals and devices for access control are scalable and optimally cover all application scenarios - from small systems to large-scale systems. Added to this is the wide range of functions offered by our ZK hardware:

  • Simple control of an access point up to high security requirements.
  • Cross-system functions through the integration of Datafox ZK in terminals, industrial PCs, etc.
  • Easy connection of Datafox hardware to any software system
  • Web capability of the ZK devices thanks to communication via http(s)
  • Customizable acquisition and operating devices (according to customer requirements)
Which reading methods do Datafox Devices support for access control?

Datafox reading methods for access control

Our devices for electronic access control support different reading methods (type of data acquisition). Basically, four reading methods are distinguished:

- RFID transponder (RFID chip) reading methods
- Biometric reading methods (fingerprint)
- Magnetic card reading method

In addition to the RFID reader, magnetic card reader or fingerprint scanner, Datafox access control devices also have a keypad to enter a PIN code, which then opens the door or sets the machine in operation.

Access control with RFID reading

Datafox access control devices work with RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), among others.

In access control devices with RFID reading method, an RFID chip in the form of a card or key fob is held contactlessly against the access control (ACC) reader. If access authorization is detected, the electric door opener is activated.
A distinction is made between pure access control readers, which pass on information to a PC or a Datafox access master for further processing, and complex devices such as access terminals, equipped with several functions such as personnel time recording and production data acquisition. These devices usually have several integrated readers (RFID, magnetic card and biometrics).

Advantages of access control with RFID transponders

  • Secure access authorization by RFID chip
  • Lost chips can be blocked within seconds using a delete card
  • Low follow-up costs in case of chip loss - only the lost chip has to be has to be replaced.
  • Easy installation & use
  • Robust, weatherproof technology suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Can be networked as access control systems for multiple locations

Access control with fingerprint

Datafox offers numerous devices with fingerprint access control. These are devices with multi-reading methods, which in addition to the fingerprint reader also have an RFID transponder reader integrated and have a USB port or RS232 port for an external magnetic card reader.

Access control with the help of biometric data (fingerprint) is mainly used in highly sensitive areas such as government buildings or high security areas (prisons, laboratories, research facilities, etc.). However, biometric access control can also be used in other situations such as leisure facilities - to speed up admission control and to prevent unauthorized use of season tickets, for example.

Access control with magnetic cards

Magnetic cards are still very popular as a means of identification for access control, e.g. in hotels. The magnetic stripe card is simply pulled through the card reader at the door. The sensor in the card reader sends the data to the control center and, if authorized, the door opener is activated.

Is it possible to combine access control and other functions?

Datafox Devices: Real all-rounders!

Yes - most of Datafox's access control devices are multifunctional: In addition to access control, they also offer the possibilities of personnel time recording, machine data collection and store floor data collection at the same time. If you have any questions about this, our competent sales team will be happy to help.

How do I decide on a reading method for access control?

Reading methods - the right way to decide!

In order to decide on a reading method, it is necessary to define the security requirements for access control beforehand. To control access authorization in high-security areas such as research laboratories or prisons, for example, access control using biometric data is recommended. A human fingerprint, for example, is always unique and cannot be copied. Misuse is therefore impossible.


How can Datafox devices for access control be installed?

How can Datafox devices for access control be installed?

Our hardware for access control is characterized by a practical and simple installation. Of course, the adaptation to different cabling concepts and existing wiring is possible.  All Datafox access control devices are ready to plug in. Simply connect the cable to the plug, plug it in ... and you're done! Access control can be this easy - with Datafox!

What do I have to pay attention to when installing the time recording terminal?

What do I have to pay attention to when installing the time recording terminal?

Our ZK terminals and devices offer various communication options. When ordering, you decide which options your device will be equipped with. To ensure that all data is transmitted reliably and securely, the respective communication interface must be set and connected during installation. The following overview shows you what you need for data transfer of the respective communication type:

  • USB: a standard USB-A to USB-Micro cable 
  • RS485: a transmission line according to the EIA-485 standard
  • GPRS: an interference-free mobile radio connection
  • WLAN: an interference-free radio channel to an access point (802.11 b/g) within range
  • TCP/IP: min. one standard Ethernet cable, no "cross over"
  • http (Internet connection) via LAN: TCP/IP connection with free Internet access

For further information, please refer to the manual of your access control hardware.


What are the customization options for access hardware?

Plenty of room for your own ideas!

All devices of our EVO product series with a glass front can be printed according to individual wishes. Take advantage of the opportunity to display your own logo and represent your company's corporate identity. Or design the entire front of your time and attendance terminal in the design of your choice - no matter if it is a single color, with color gradient or even with image background.

The Datafox EVO 4.3 multifunction terminal and the Datafox EVO 4.6 FlexKey additionally offer the option to map an individual keyboard layout. This gives you high-quality hardware that is not only visually customized, but also perfectly adapted to your personal solution in terms of functionality.

What are the advantages of a customized access control device?

The advantages at a glance

Every industry - every company - has its own individual working environment. Individually designed access control terminals from Datafox are representative, perfectly adapt to location and requirements or positively stand out - just as you wish! 

Datafox hardware can be integrated very easily and thus quickly ensures more productivity. With the option to customize your ZK device, you can make the intuitive operation of the hardware even easier.

How do I get my Datafox ZK hardware in a customized design?

How to implement your own design

Quick & easy  – in just three steps:

  1. Download the Datafox design guide and follow the instructions it contains to create a custom design. Then send the finished file by e-mail to the following address: druckdesign(at)datafox.de    
  2. Your design template will now be checked by Datafox. If changes or adjustments are necessary, we will inform you immediately. Alternatively, we offer the elaboration of a design according to your specifications as a service. (The hourly rate for graphic services is 75,- Euro net per hour and is not discountable).
  3. If everything fits, you give us the print release by means of the release form. Your custom design will be printed in our in-house print department. No additional production time is required for printing. Once print approval is granted, your custom time and attendance terminal will be manufactured and shipped within the standard delivery time. 

Curious about how custom print designs are created and then implemented at Datafox? Pay our print department a short visit:  Short film Datafox print department

Is barrier-free operation of the access control devices possible?

Datafox hardware can also be used barrier-free

The Datafox terminals EVO 3.5 Universal, EVO 4.3 Multifunctional Terminal and EVO 4.6 FlexKey can be provided with Braille by a method developed by us in conformity with the standards of the DBSV (Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband e.V.). This makes the booking process/identification much easier for people with a visual impairment and supports accessibility in the company.