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For over 20 years, we have been developing and manufacturing hardware and devices that help companies from a wide range of industries from around the world to increase their productivity and profitability. In recent years, the aspects of security and control have become increasingly important. Datafox enables tamper-proof and accurate recording/collection of a wide variety of data as well as the control of doors, gates, barriers and much more.

But our hardware only works in conjunction with another important component of the system - suitable software.

That is why we work closely with a large number of partners who either develop software solutions themselves or sell suitable products. With over 750 Datafox partners throughout Europe, we are always able to find new and individual systems that perfectly match the requirements of our joint customers. We look forward to implementing successful projects together with you in the future.

Welcome to the Datafox team!

Trust as the basis for success OUR PARTNER PROMISE

From the very beginning, we attach great importance to close cooperation with our partners. Communication plays a decisive role in our relashionships with partners. We value close contact with our partners and believe that regular exchange leads to mutual success. We want to know what drives you as a partner and always give our best when it comes to implementing your suggestions and wishes in our products.

Close cooperation in the market and in our partner network automatically results in a high degree of understanding for the needs of our partners. This is the basis for a smooth transfer of know-how and for achieving common goals.  

Click on the following link and learn how you can benefit from a cooperation with Datafox.

Download our partner brochure here:

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Innovative products, quality, sustainability and trust are the base for mutual success.
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Your cooperation with Datafox Fields of interest

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You are an expert in workforce management and help companies to organize their working times and personnel planning efficiently?

So we can support you
Zutrittsleser mit RFID-Ausweis


Do you enable users with your software to manage access rights & protect buildings, rooms, machines and vehicles from unauthorized access/users?

So we can support you
Datafox Industrie PC im Versand


You offer an ERP solution with which companies can evaluate their data and optimize processes? All of the company's data converge in your software?

So we can support you
Errichter am Schaltschrank


Are you an expert when it comes to security? You plan and install security systems and make sure everything runs smoothly on site?

So we can support you

Why you should chose Datafox Hardware 6 good reasons

Breites Spektrum innovativer Produkte - Datafox

Wide range of innovative products

Einfache Handhabung und Installation - Datafox

Easy handling and installation

Problemlose Skalier- und Erweiterbarkeit - Datafox

Easy scalability and expandability

Kurze Lieferzeit von ca. 7-8 Arbeitstagen - Datafox

Short delivery time of 7-8 working days

Beste Qualität – made in Germany - Datafox

Highest quality - made in Germany

Partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit - Datafox

Partnership cooperation

Hintergrund 2 – Datafox

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