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Datafox EVO INTERA II Pure

Geometrically identical to the EVO access readers, the Intera II Pure complements the more cost-effective series with plastic housing.

Modern and noble Datafox EVO Intera II Pure

The EVO access readers combine design and modern technology into one whole. The compact, robust construction made of real tempered glass and aluminum in combination with the robust interior design provides security. Its unobtrusive and clear appearance allow the access reader to work in demanding environments ...

More information about the Datafox access reader EVO Intera ll Pure

Thanks to state-of-the-art reader modules, the noble access reader supports all common RFID methods. All data is transmitted encrypted for your security. You want to use the EVO Intera II Pure without an access control system from Datafox and connect it directly to your own access control system? No problem. This is possible via the open communication protocol phg_crypt. You can order the access reader with or without number pad for PIN entry or also with integrated barcode/QR code reader. 

The flat backlight behind the RFID symbol indicates the status in a clearly visible way. The colors of the backlight are white for waiting for reading, red for rejection and green for access granted.

Customized technology Datafox EVO Intera II Pure

Hintergrund 3 – Datafox
Datafox EVO Intera II Pure RFID-Zutrittsleser seitlich

Innovative connection & mounting concept 
for indoor & outdoor

Relay for direct door control in secured areas

Parameterizable LEDs for special functions

Numerous RFID standards available -
On request with PIN function for two-factor authentication & much more

Visual status messages via LED backlight

Communication via phg_crypt over RS485

Kamera 1.280 x 720 Pixel integriert inkl. Speicher-Erweiterung 1 GB


  • Dimensions
    81 mm x 81 mm x 22 mm (B x H x T)
  • Mounting
    Stainless steel wall bracket
    Mounting instruction
  • Material
    Plastic: PC-ABS
  • Weight
    Base unit: ca. 100 g ( + wall mounting plate ca. 40 g)

Power supply

  • Power supply
    9 - 30 V DC
    max. 130 mA

Access features

  • Relay
    1 Relay changeover contact
    30 V AC, 30 V DC, 2 A, max. 60 W

Access features

  • Input
    1 supervised input
    for connection of switch or relay

Environment & influences

  • Sabotage sensor
    Tamper detection with inclination sensor
  • Proximity sensor
    Display is activated when person in operating environment  Info sheet
  • Ambient temperature
    -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Protection class

Communication & data transfer

  • Status signaling
    illuminated transponder symbol: RGB, configurable
    three additional status LEDs, parameterizable
  • Communication
    16 bus addresses
    selectable with DIP switch


DatafoxStudioIV - Setup-Software

The DatafoxStudioIV is our free software for device parameterization. With it, device setups can be created and modified very easily and without programming knowledge.

  • Free Download & use
  • Saveable setup files (also in XML format)
  • Various functions and user-friendly configurators


RFID Transponder reader integrated

Unique EM4102/4200





Titan / EM4450 (Hewi)




Legic Prime und Advant

Further functions

with or without lines

indirect RGB LED lighting


Weather protection roof

Mounting tool

Flush mounting

Front panel mounting set

Surface-mounted frame

Adapter plate Interflex