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access & more


High-quality, high-format and high-security: discover an access reader that can do more.

The access reader with the plus Datafox EVO Agera

A 3.5 inch color LCD display with capacitive touch makes the difference and makes the Datafox Agera a very special access reader. This is because graphics for individual status messages, welcoming texts for visitors and employee information can be stored in the screen ...

More information about the Datafox EVO Agera

But the display is also a valuable addition for access control: A PIN field for two-factor authentication or the (de)activation of an alarm system can be displayed. To reliably protect against manipulation, the display of alternating numeric fields can be set.

Of course, the Datafox Agera offers all the advantages of EVO hardware in addition to many great features: an elegant & customizable look, weatherproofing and maximum reliability. At Datafox, we attach great importance to flexibility in all areas. That's why we offer a wide portfolio of mounting accessories for a wide variety of installation situations.

Customized technology Datafox EVO Agera

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Datafox EVO Agera Zutrittsleser

Capacitive touch display

Innovative connection & mounting concept 

Relay for direct door control
in secured areas

Depositable graphics
for status messages,
individual greetings,
employee information & Co. 

Numerous RFID standards available

Two-factor authentication with RFID and PIN on request

Visual status messages
via LED backlight

For inside & outside: robust & durable

Individually designable front panel 

Communication via phg_crypt over RS485


  • Dimensions
    85 mm x 208 mm x 27 mm (B x H x T)
  • Mounting
    Stainless steel mounting plate
  • Material
    Anodized aluminum frame with real glass
  • Weight
    Base unit ca. 570 g ( + wall mounting plate ca. 170 g)

Interfaces & data transfer

  • Serial interface
    1 RS485
  • Communication
    16 bus addresses adjustable via menu 

Display & Tastatur

  • Color LCD display 
    3,5 Zoll / 8,89 cm - 320 x 480 px
  • Images & Graphics
    Up to 20 displays can be deposited
  • Keyboard
    capacitive touch screen, touch area 73,4 x 49,0 mm
  • PIN keyboard in touch display
    changing number fields possible (manipulation protection)


  • Sabotage sensor
    Sabotage detection with distance control to wall mount plate
  • Ambient temperature
    -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Protection class

Status items

  • Status signaling
    illuminated transponder symbol: RGB,
  • Visual status messages
    Icons in the display, individually designable


DatafoxStudioIV - Setup-Software

The DatafoxStudioIV is our free software for device parameterization. With it, device setups can be created and modified very easily and without programming knowledge.

  • Free Download & use
  • Saveable setup files (also in XML format)
  • Various functions and user-friendly configurators


RFID transponder reader integrated

Unique EM4102/4200





Titan / EM4450 (Hewi)




Legic Prime und Advant

Further functions

Access control
 Info sheet

Barcode reader (internal)
 More infos


Surface-mounted frame

Flush mounting

Special front frame
 on request

Splinter protection foil
 on request

Front panel mounting set