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Access controller

Choose your technical doorman!

All Datafox Devices and Industrial PCs can be used as controllers. In addition, with our KYO product series, we offer controllers for a wide variety of application situations.


Datafox EVO 4.6 FlexKey
Datafox EVO 4.3 Multifunktionsterminal
Datafox EVO 3.5 Universal
Datafox EVO 3.5 Universal IP66, IP69K
Datafox EVO 3.5 Pure
Datafox EVO 5.0 Pure
Datafox KYO Oneloc
Datafox KYO Fourloc
Datafox KYO Inloc
Datafox KYO Cenloc
Datafox IPC EVO 7.0 Webterminal
Datafox IPC EVO 12.1
Datafox IPC EVO 15
Datafox IPC EVO 18.5
Datafox IPC EVO 24
Datafox IPC EVO Pure 12.1
Datafox IPC EVO Pure 15
Datafox IPC EVO Pure 18.5
Datafox IPC Vario 5.7
Datafox IPC Vario 10
Datafox IPC Vario 12
Datafox IPC Vario 15
Datafox IPC Vario 17
Datafox IO-Box V4
Datafox AE-MasterIV
Datafox PZE-MasterIV
Datafox PZE-MasterIV Basic
Datafox Mobil-Box V4