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Datafox EVO INTERA II Siedle Vario 611 & Steel

Our popular access reader for installation in Siedle products of the Vario 611 & Steel series.

perfectly integrated Datafox EVO Intera II Siedle Vario 611

There is hardly a front door without a Siedle intercom system. The pioneer from the beautiful Black Forest is Europe's leading manufacturer in the field of building communication technology. And in this field, security plays a leading role. We are proud to now be a part of the Siedle world. Our popular EVO Intera II access reader is now available for installation in the high-quality Siedle Vario & Steel product ranges.

More information about the Datafox EVO Intera ll Siedle Vario 611

New mounting variant, perfect integration, consistent Datafox strengths. Our latest access reader remains at its core the well-known multi-talent with a scratch-resistant & individually designable glass front, a wide range of options and freely parameterizable status LEDs. You also don't have to make any compromises when it comes to the detection variants (RFID, PIN, QR code), the easy integration and the use with other Datafox devices (and even third-party access control systems). Quality made in Germany - at the usual very good Datafox price.

Customized technology Datafox EVO Intera II Siedle Vario 611

Hintergrund 3 – Datafox

Break & scratch resistant glass front -
individually printable

Relay for direct door control in secured areas

Parameterizable LEDs for special functions

Numerous RFID standards available -
On request with PIN function for two-factor authentication & much more

Visual status messages via LED backlight

Proximity sensor for energy-saving standby mode

Kommunikation per phg_crypt über RS485


  • Dimensions (without cap)
    99 mm x 99 mm x 23 mm (B x H xT)
  • Dimensions (with cap)
    99 mm x 99 mm x 33 mm (B x H xT)
  • Housing material
    hardened glass
  • Weight
    Base unit: ca. 160 g 

Power supply

  • Power supply
    9 - 30 V DC, max. 130 mA

Access features

  • Relay
    1 Relay changeover contact, 30 V AC, 30 V DC, 2 A, max. 60 W

Access features

  • Input
    1 supervised input for connection of switch or relay


  • Sabotage sensor
    Tamper detection with inclination sensor
  • Proximity sensor
    Display is activated when person in operating environment
     Info sheet
  • Ambient temperature
    -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Protection class

Communication & data transfer

  • Status signaling
    illuminated transponder symbol: RGB, configurable
    three additional status LEDs, parameterizable
  • Communication
    16 bus addresses selectable with DIP switch


DatafoxStudioIV - Setup-Software

The DatafoxStudioIV is our free software for device parameterization. With it, device setups can be created and modified very easily and without programming knowledge.

  • Free Download & use
  • Saveable setup files (also in XML format)
  • Various functions and user-friendly configurators


RFID Transponder reader integrated

Unique EM4102/4200





Titan / EM4450 (Hewi)




Legic Prime und Advant

Further functions

with or without lines

Barcode reader (internal)
 More infos

indirect RGB LED lighting