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Datafox Industrie PCs Vario

Ideal for rough, dusty environments and operable at any time even with gloves - that is our Vario series of Datafox industrial PCs.

Best equipped ... Datafox Industrie PCs Vario

For the intelligent networking of the IT world with the production and automation world, the continuous and exact data acquisition, the provision of current key figures and information on site are the essential requirements. Datafox Vario IPCs are ideally equipped for these requirements:

More information about the Datafox IPCs Vario

More information about the Datafox IPCs Vario

The devices are multifunctional and have large TFT screens for the extensive display of data, e.g. from ERP and CAQ, and offer very many options such as RFID, barcode, GPS, digital and analog inputs for direct machine connection as well as access control, which ensure secure data acquisition and a high level of operating convenience.

The Datafox Hybrid system offers an integrated embedded carrier board in addition to the PC CPU. Each device can map all applications of the operating systems plus the complete performance range of our terminal platform. The Vario IPCs can also acquire data and control security technology offline. Thanks to the robust plastic housing and the resistive analog touch screen, they are always ready for use and easy to operate even in industrial halls & Co.

Thanks to Windows, Linux and Android operating systems, it is the optimal platform for all kinds of applications - from apps and browser-based solutions to software clients.

Our Vario IPCs are available in the following display formats:

  • IPC Vario 5.7 "
  • IPC Vario 10.4 "
  • IPC Vario 12.1 "
  • IPC Vario 15.0 "
  • IPC Vario 17.0 "
Datafox IPC Vario 10
Datafox IPC Vario 12
Datafox IPC Vario 15
Datafox IPC Vario 17
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Customized technology Datafox Industrial PCs Vario

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Datafox IPC Vario 17

Robust housing made of TSG plastic

IP65 for harsh environments in industry & vehicles

All functions of a terminal plus 
Operating system with additional applications
(Windows, Linux or Android)

Resistive analog touch screen (4 wire)

Intel® Atom X6425e quad core processor


IPC Vario 10

  • Dimensions
    312 mm x 314 mm x 60 mm
  • Weight
    ca. 3,5 kg
  • TFT-Display
    10.4  Zoll / 26,42 cm - 11024 x 768 px
  • Number of keys
    19 keys

IPC Vario 12

  • Dimensions
    312 mm x 314 mm x 60 mm
  • Weight
    ca. 3,5 kg
  • TFT-Display
    12.1 Zoll / 30,7 cm - 1024 x 768 px
  • Number of keys
    0 (optional 18 keys)

IPC Vario 15

  • Dimensions
    438 mm x 440 mm x 60 mm
  • Weight
    ca. 7 kg
  • TFT-Display
    15 Zoll / 38,1 cm - 1024 x 768 px
  • Number of keys
    19 keys

IPC Vario 17

  • Dimensions
    438 mm x 440 mm x 60 mm
  • Weight
    ca. 7 kg
  • TFT-Display
    17 Zoll / 43,1 cm - 1280 x 1024 px
  • Number of keys
    1 key


  • Housing
    TSG 6 mm
  • Housing bottom shell
    100 mm Vesa
  • Handling
    Resistive touchscreen (4 wire)

Data transfer

  • USB Interfaces
    3 USB 2.0, 1 Micro USB, 1 USB 3.0
  • Serial Interfaces
    1 RS232, 1 RS485
  • Further Interfaces
    Sound (Mic-In, Spk-Out), Mini DisplayPort


  • PC variant
    Intel® Atom X6425 quad core processor
    4 x 2,0 GHz Integr. Intel Gen. 9 HD Grafik
  • Operating ssystem
    OS Treiber für Windows 7/8/10 und Linux
    Embedded Baugruppe
  • Hard disk / memory
    SSD (Solid State Drive) 64 GB (MLC)
    8GB DDR4

Environment & influences

  • Certification
    CE according to EN 55022, EN55024
  • Protection class
    Front IP65
  • Ambient temperature
    -20 °C to +50 °C


DatafoxStudioIV - Setup-Software

The DatafoxStudioIV is our free software for device parameterization. With it, device setups can be created and modified very easily and without programming knowledge.

  • Free Download & use
  • Saveable setup files (also in XML format)
  • Various functions and user-friendly configurators


Datafox Industrial PC hybrid system

Die Basis unserer IPCs ist ein von Datafox speziell entwickeltes Embedded-Trägerboard mit dem kompletten Leistungsumfang der Terminalplattform. Aufgesetzt ist ein leistungsfähiges Industrie-Rechnerboard.

  • Leistungsstarke PC CPU

Eine Q7 Atom-CPU nach Industrie-Standard eröffnet die große Welt moderner Betriebssysteme. Egal ob Windows, Linux oder Android - auf unseren IPCs können Sie Ihre Anwendungssoftware sowie sämtliche Applikationen bedienen. Per USB kommuniziert die steckbare PC CPU mit dem Trägerboard.

  • Terminal-CPU: offlinefähig & immer betriebsbereit

Daten erfassen und Sicherheitstechnik steuern: Mit dem Embedded-System haben Sie parallel alle Optionen der Datafox Terminals in Ihrem Industrie PC. Alle Optionen können dank modularem Aufbau frei gewählt und jederzeit nachgerüstet werden. Die Parametrierung erfolgt schnell und einfach per Datafox Studio. Alle  Zusatzfunktionen arbeiten unabhängig von der WIN-Anwendung und damit zuverlässig weiter, auch wenn die WIN-Anwendung nicht betriebsbereit ist oder neu gestartet wird. 

Communication & data transfer



USB 2.0 Interface



Mobile radio

Bluetooth external

HTTP / FTP / Web server

RFID Transponder reader integrated

Unique EM4102/4200





Titan / EM4450 (Hewi)



Legic Prime und Advant



Power supply

Tischnetzteil: Input 100 - 240 Volt / Output 12VDC -  4,75A - 57 Watt

Vorschaltnetzteil extern für Fahrzeugeinbau

Further functions

Biometry: Fingerprint module

Camera 1280 x 720 px

Barcode reader

Magnetic card reader


Access control

Machine data collection

Data on Card

integrated loudspeaker