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Extremely USEFUL

Datafox Options

Wide range of equipment options & accessories for various functions.

Handheld barcode scanner Quickscan Imager 1D/2D/QR

Barcode scanners and QR code readers have become an integral part of data collection. The Quickscan Imager 1D/2D/QR handheld barcode scanner is your robust and reliable companion for many years of continuous use. With a reading range of up to 40 cm, it effortlessly reads damaged, hard-to-read or poorly printed barcodes - even from smartphone displays and even through Plexiglas barriers. The adjustable brightness of the light source and ergonomic operation ensure comfortable scanning. Efficiency and precision are guaranteed.

Part numbers: 220039 & 189011


Handheld Barcode Scanner CCD Touch 65 & Touch 95

The CCD Touch handheld barcode scanner offers a cost-effective solution for precise barcode scanning at close range. Compact, lightweight and energy efficient, both versions have different reading ranges: 6.5 cm (Touch 65) for standard codes and 9.0 cm (Touch 90) for longer codes. Connection cable with mini DIN plug included. IP30 certified for basic dust and foreign object protection. 

Part numbers: 220020A, 220021A, 189002, 189003


Card holder for EVO access reader

New functions need new accessories. This card holder can be attached to our EVO access readers to permanently position a transponder badge in front of the reader. It is now possible to permanently record the presence of transponders, so that not only the time of holding is accessible for your application, but also the duration of holding. This opens up new application possibilities such as unlocking a device as long as a specific transponder is in front of a reader.



Temperature measurement with Fever Control Module

Temperature measurement with the Datafox Fever Control Module is performed on the wrist using an infrared sensor integrated in the hardware module. The intuitive operation is supported by visual and acoustic signals, which enable a fast and smooth process before, during and after the temperature measurement. 

More information online or in the information sheet

Part numbers: XXX360