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Datafox KYO Oneloc

Discover new possibilities in access control - with the small door control that can do big things!

Less can do more ... Datafox KYO Oneloc

Minimal planning effort and easy installation - the KYO Oneloc is small, uncomplicated and optimized as an access controller for one door. It is easily installed in a standard flush-mounted box or a special surface-mounted box. The installer decides on site whether the Datafox KYO Oneloc should be used as a door controller or relay module ...


More information about the Datafox KYO Oneloc

This can be easily set via USB using our free Datafox-Studio software. The Oneloc is connected to the network via LAN, WLAN or mobile radio - integration is possible both online and offline. Thus, it offers (in combination with an access reader) the possibility to manage each door quickly and unproblematically and to control accesses. 

One Datafox KYO Oneloc and one access reader are required per door minimal planning effort + minimal stock-keeping. On- or offline integration, management and control of each door in the network can be realized quickly and without problems.

Customized technology Datafox KYO Oneloc

Hintergrund 3 – Datafox

Decentralized controller
ideal for one door or, respectively, one access point

Door opener relay, 2 monitored inputs

Flexible networking via RS485, LAN

Easy installation in standard flush-mounted box
or special surface-mounted box available


  • Dimensions
    Ø 53 mm, Height: 35 mm (45mm z.B. if WLAN or Mobilfunk)
  • Data transfer
    USB Interface (Micro-USB), TCP/IP, RS485
  • Material
  • Weight
    Standard ca. 55 g, with PoE ca. 65 g

Access control

  • Activ Output (configurable)
    12 V (max. 0,5 A) or GND (open drain, max. 1,4 A)
  • Relay changeover contact
    30V AC, 30V DC, 2A, max. 60 W
  • Two supervised inputs 
    for connection of switch or relay


  • Sabotage sensor
    Tamper sensor can be connected to digital input
  • Ambient temperature
    -20 °C to +40 °C, 
  • Protection class


DatafoxStudioIV - Setup-Software

The DatafoxStudioIV is our free software for device parameterization. With it, device setups can be created and modified very easily and without programming knowledge.

  • Free Download & use
  • Saveable setup files (also in XML format)
  • Various functions and user-friendly configurators



Communication DLL
Direct communication between device and application software is possible via DLL. This is therefore the best type of connection for software manufacturers (OEMs). The communication via DLL is bidirectional and can be done online as well as offline.

In this mode, the terminal sends the data records directly to a web server. Datafox provides you with a PHP sample script for data receipt and acknowledgement. See product DVD.

Interface program for data exchange via files or database. This solution is ideal for end customers or dealers who want to connect Datafox products to e.g. ERP, ... .

Communication & data transfer


Mobile radio
 Info sheet | Presentation



HTTP / FTP / Web server

Further functions

Machine data collection
 More infos  see manual

Access control
 Info sheet

Barcode reader 

Magnetic card reader


Netzteil 12 V DC: Anschlussleitung 3 m; Umgebungstemperatur -20 bis + 50°C

POE-Adapter integriert (nach Standard 802.3af)