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When specialists need specialists Datafox Support

Welcome to Datafox Support. How can we help you?

Below you will find a selection of support topics:

The satisfaction of our partners and customers is our top priority. We regularly add tips and solutions to frequently asked questions and problems in our detailed FAQ database. If you do not find the solution you need there, our qualified employees from the Datafox Support Team are available to provide further help.

No matter if you have questions about repairs and transponder tests or support with remote maintenance - we are here for you!

We are here for you! Your contact person:

Frank Nimmich
Matthias Kirchner
Harald Kranz
Tim Glotzbach
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Quick & aesy Repair service

Alexander Pappert

You have found a malfunction with a Datafox Device? Before you send in the device, please check that the fault is not due to an incorrect setting or a software problem. Please have a look at our FAQ database:

Repair Form

If you would like to send in a device for repair or hardware upgrade, please fill out the following Repair Accompanying Form and attach it to the return shipment. This will ensure smooth and timely processing. 

Download Repair Accompanying Form:

Product info, pictures, manuals, etc. Downloads

Datafox Downloads

Here you can download all relevant data and information.   

Click on one of the following headings to get to the respective download area. You do not find what you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


Here you will find the latest versions
of the Datafox software for download.


All information about your Datafox terminal (manuals, software packages etc.)


All downloads for our Datafox modules & accessories.


Datafox design guide of the EVO product series as download.


Our Datafox logos in different formats.


Here you can download our Datafox product images.

Your free Datafox service Transponder Test

Your free Datafox service

To give you more clarity and security when ordering RFID transponders and Datafox hardware, we offer you a free transponder test. Send us your existing RFID transponders and we will determine the reading method as well as the corresponding programming for you – free of charge.

Please fill out the form below in print or on your PC and enclose it with each shipment. A separate form is required for each transponder type. Without a correctly completed form, timely processing is not guaranteed.

To find out whether your transponder needs to be sent in for testing, please refer to our FAQ.

Attention: It is essential that you send your transponders in a padded bubble envelope! The mechanical sorting at the mail service providers always results in rejected and lost transponders! Datafox assumes no liability for damage or loss of the transponders.

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Help wherever you are Remote maintenance

Download cost acceptance declaration:

Remote maintenance via TeamViewer

By agreement with Datafox, quick support can be performed by connecting directly to your PC. TeamViewer QuickSupport is a small executable program that does not install on your computer and allows immediate access to a partner's computer anywhere on the Internet.

The client backs up the data before any data access by the contractor. Datafox GmbH is not liable for data loss.

Cost absorption for technical support

Our specialists are available for technical support, consulting and troubleshooting on site, by phone and also online. To order support with costs, please sign and send us the following cost absorption declaration:

  Fax to +49 36967-595-50

  PDF per mail to bestellung(at)datafox.de

Further helpful links Support offers


The Datafox test environment is available to you free of charge. Test your Datafox hardware & HTTP settings - without HTTP knowledge!

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Datafox Schulungen, Seminare & Videos


Get access to digital training material from Datafox. Online seminars and trainings, product videos and much more. ...

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