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Datafox KYO Demo and Test System

Test your access system and present it optimally to your customers.

Datafox KYO Demo and Test System

The KYO demo and test system simulates real application environments and status messages of the access control. It is particularly flexible and can also be taken to the customer for presentations. Clearly arranged and wired, this system offers the test setup of almost all installation variants, with testing of the addressing of the readers as well as testing of the digital inputs and outputs. Different scenarios of the power supply or the combination of the digital inputs and outputs can be easily changed over via "jumpers". The states are indicated via LEDs. The dimensions are chosen so that the test system also fits into the Datafox presentation case.

Hintergrund 3 – Datafox
Datafox KYO Demo- & Testsystem

Simulation and display of door states
via status LEDs, switches and buttons

Pre-wired assembly stations with selected Datafox access readers

Additional status LEDs for additional digital inputs & outputs

Product information

  • Dimensions
    500 mm x 400 mm x 27 mm
  • Base columns
    2 aluminium feet
  • Material 
    Wooden frame with two plastic plates
  • Front side

    3 x Door simulation
    1 x FACP / IDS simulation
    Door module and further simulations completely wired
  • Rear side

    Connection board with cover (RAL 9016)
    Maintenance cover (RAL 9016)
    2 top hat rails TS32